week #1 – get online

Of all the challenges that I have thought up that this is one of the ones that intimidates me the most. Terrifying!! I have never made it much further than Facebook. I have some reservations about social media, one of the key ones being ‘who has time to look at all this stuff?’ and another favourite ‘who cares what x did with y ?’. So my hurdle is to get the tech working, to fill my site with entertaining stuff and engage with all the undoubtedly lovely online community out there. To ensure that retrieving me doesn’t turn into nauseating you I have a few promises to keep along the way. I hereby declare that I will not:

  • make stuff up, yes that’s right its all true however it goes
  • deliberately set out to inspire envy, I’ll try to just stick with inspire
  • display any surgically altered body parts in a bikini, I haven’t got any

Crikey, this website stuff is a bit more complex than it looks from those seductive templates that are available and every time I added another essential ingredient like registering the domain name or subscribing to a hosting service I coughed up a bit more money. At least it scores well on being environmentally friendly as its 100% electronic. In case you are thinking of joining in, it’s not that bad and all the sites have loads of guides to take you through the steps and the pretty templates are really very inviting, just begging to be used.

This is also your opportunity to shamelessly mine knowledge from all your friends and relations.

When it comes to scoring then I think I’ll have to say that this activity scored quite highly because it was a real challenge. Challenges, once conquered, are satisfying.  On the other hand I couldn’t do it every week, parts of it were more frustrating than fun plus it cost a bit of money, so overall I’m going to give it a 36.8/50.


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