week #2 axe throwing

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that axe throwing was a thing that you could turn up and do, a bit like a bowling alley but with very sharp objects. Once I saw it though I was in no doubt that this had a be a 50 challenge. Different, exhilarating and never been done before by me – perfect!

The safety briefing frankly gave me the shivers as the staff relayed some of their top things not to do. There was no doubt that these blades were real and sharp. Then we got the chance to get our hands on them and start throwing.

I can only say that chucking an axe at a wooden target and seeing it embed the blade in the wood with a good thud, is as satisfying as you might expect it to be. They were a bit heavier than I had thought and whilst concentrating on trying to get the blade to strike rather than the handle I perhaps didn’t get to throw it at full pelt. However, after a bit of practice and a certain amount of giggling I was definitely getting a fair proportion of them to thud into the wood.

and then I got the double hachet throw on target!!

There were games involved with scores, we had a team name, did some whooping and then we moved on to throwing the large axe. About a metre long, looked as though it should be wielded by a wide person in a checked shirt, and definitely scarier than the little hachets. This one rested back between your shoulder blades in the starting position and whilst I definitely threw it I couldn’t get this one to stick in the target panel. Hmmm. Does that suggest a repeat visit could be required.

Over a pizza afterwards I asked the family for their opinions on the scoring for this one. Most of my planned activities are for me but this was one of the ones better done as a team effort. Not very easily accessible for most people I don’t think, although I predict this activity will become more widespread. We travelled to it by bus and the main ingredients consumed seemed to be wood so that’s sustainable, so environmental score was good. And as for delight…well I think it scored pretty well. We had a great time.

I’m thinking it wouldn’t be hard to set this up to do this at home…


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