week #5 environmental A

This week’s challenge is about trying to reduce my environmental impacts. I already do my best with our recycling but get frustrated about how much can’t be recycled, so can I reduce the packaging that we have coming into the house? I’m also looking into my garden to make it more wildlife friendly. It’s week A because there are so many potential personal actions to take with regard to our environment. I want to do more of these during my 50 weeks.

First activity here was to make an insect house. It took me less than an hour, I spent no money and was pretty pleased with the results. I researched what features it should have, so has an overhang on the roof, is filled with hollow stems, some slightly rotten wood and also dry leaves to make their little ensuites in. I found a plank in the garage, goodness know what that was essential for, but now I have sawn it into pieces and it’s a five star bug residence. It’s hung up on a fence in a fairly sheltered position that gets afternoon sun. I may not see who moves in but can enjoy it anyway. There is a PS to this, I also checked to make sure that hedgehogs could pass through our garden, there is space under the fence. One thing safe from my enthusiasm for a wood saw!

Next on the list was the recycling. I already make full use of the recycling available through our local council collections. We live in one of those areas where we have a big wheel bin that takes mixed items, with just paper and cardboard going in a separate bin. Although I know this is better than in other areas there are still SO many things that can’t go in there. This is where I found out about Terracycle (www.terracycle.com) who take all sorts of packaging and make them into reusable plastic pellets. Even better, shortly after I started collecting for the scheme a wonderful person who lives very close to me became a local centre for collecting and sending off. So this week I made my first drop off, cat food pouches, crisp packets and bread bags (the cat by the way is elderly and extremely fussy, showing a remarkable ability to not eat at all if the if he chooses to do so, my efforts to wean him onto non pouch foods have failed so far).

Last effort this week was to sign up for shopping with a wholesaler. This is about taking steps to reduce the packaging that we bring into the household. I noticed that in other countries items are often available in a larger packet, by having smaller volumes we just create more packaging and waste. I have placed my first order for delivery which is so far for quite a small number of items, I couldn’t get everything I would have liked and its also a balancing act with the cost of buying in a much larger quantity and storage of the items. Some things were cheaper in bulk but certainly not all of them, which slightly surprised me.

How’s my scoring this week? Well I love the beautiful bug house most, but the recycling and exploring the wholesale shop have been pretty good too. All things to be repeated, one of the 50in50@50 criteria.

Now I need to make room in the garage to store this stuff…


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  1. Setting a good example here Rebecca. And with axes 2 weeks ago and saws this week, you’re turning into a formidable lady! Such a good example. I too do the usual sorts of recycling and I do regular beach cleans (supposedly 2 minute beach cleans (recommend them although you don’t have to do it on a beach!) but never less than 20 minutes). It’s a good idea about looking for bigger packets. I have to say that packaging is getting more and more ridiculous in extent. Food security is one thing but the environment is important too! I need to give that a go.

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