week #6 blow torch

Using a blow torch in the kitchen always looked like a pretty cool thing to do to me, the instant transformation of food, the involvement of a lot of sugar and the opportunity to play with fire. What’s not to like. Not sure how tricky this was going to be to get a good result but up for giving it a go. Seeing as there is a storm out there today then what better to do than stay inside and produce some good things to eat.

What to make? Well the classic is the creme brûlée but after discovering that I appear to have mysteriously lost all my ramekins and that the oven had decided to cease functioning that kind of put an end to that particular fantasy. After that it was really all about the meringue. So two firsts in this challenge as I included the making of Italian Meringue. Meringue went well, always a slight worry for me that its never going to get to that ‘glossy peaks’ thing but it did eventually. I had decided to try to keep the recipe simple and following The Baking Explorer’s absurdly beautiful website chose lemon meringue dessert pots http://thebakingexplorer.com/lemon-meringue-dessert-pots

When I connected up the trigger to the gas canister it recommended doing it in a well ventilated place, I chose the garden last night so it was dark. I then hopped around the garden, childishly making the blue flame as big as possible and tapped on the sitting room window to ‘impress’ the family. They weren’t, but I enjoyed myself.

I get no prizes for presentation, I’m not a piping kind of person and perhaps that’s a challenge for another day, but they tasted great and went down extremely well. One of them worked out well with non dairy yoghurt (instead of double cream) and another one of them even stood in as a mini birthday cake. Turns out using a blow torch is actually quite fun. Usefully this can also be used for plumbing jobs so is exactly what every woman needs in her store cupboard. I still want to make the creme brûlées though.

Scores would be pretty good for this one. I do look quite happy with that fierce flame in my hand, the range of use is possibly a bit limited but overall good to have tried this out and I have added to my repertoire. Cheap to buy, involves minor burning of fossil fuels.


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  1. I’m really concerned – first it was throwing axes and now it’s running round with a blow torch! But eating the results is more my line – wish I was there to share. Meringue – yum yum! And please plan for creme brulee when I next visit.

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