week #7 musical horizons

I listen to a lot of music and I think I have broad tastes but…where does that music come from? Almost exclusively Europe and North America. Time to look over the horizon and find out what else is out there. The joy of the internet is that I can instantly track down recommendations for international tracks, so opening up my ears to some new experiences this week and looking forward to finding some new sounds or artists to love.

So I could have called this week World Music. But to me that seems a rather strange term, and possibly one that suggests that it’s Western music or it’s world music. It’s all world music no? And aren’t we lucky that there is so much of it. Music is there for all our special events, happy and sad memories and to mark times in our life, but do we get to a point where the excitement of exploring new sounds is something that we forget to do, although it’s never been easier. So bust out of the the rut, laugh at the sounds you loathe and then hopefully achieve that little glimmer of excitement when you think you might just have found something that might one day be an old favourite.

To be honest the initial trawl wasn’t overly promising, I felt like the national stereotypes were all I was hearing. The Spanish guy playing exceptional (but conventional) guitar, the Korean tracks involving a lot of gongs, Africans drumming and South Americans on pan pipes. A bit more digging was required to find some gems.

Happily I am saying hello (and welcome to my world of listening) to Afrosideral from Cuba. There is also definite potential with some other sounds I have been trying from Korea and Ecuador. However, my overall feeling is that I’m going to need much, much, MUCH longer to do this challenge justice.

So do it again? 50/50. Delight factor? Well I might have to be kissing a few frogs before I find some sounds that I really want to add to my regular listening. It’s a low cost activity and can be done wherever you like (with the joy of Spotify for me) and at low cost. A worthy #50challenges contender activity to be explored further.

PS. Something good happened on this. I was reading a book by a Nigerian author (another challenge – broaden my reading, you can find me on http://www.goodreads.com) where the characters discuss the music they like and it was real so I could find the artist and get listening. It turned out to be some great Afrobeats and now I have the playlist downloaded. Fantastic!


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  1. Great idea for something different to try that doesn’t cost much. And it’s always good for your brain to try to do new things, so definitely not wasted time. Life is far more interesting when you think about things you haven’t done before.

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