week #8 curling

I’m on ice this week and testing out a physical challenge to try curling for the first time. It’s a sport that’s been on my list for some time. I’m a winter sports fan so visit locations where curling is available, but before setting myself 50 challenges I hadn’t made the effort to go. I’ve seen the GB curling team in action at the Olympics and they make it look easy although of course it turns out that it isn’t!

Engelberg Sporting Park did a great job for us, we had a curling lane to ourselves (actually no-one using the other two either) and a very patient instructor. She did say, after a very wobbly start where we barely dared to move around on the ice, that we would be much better within an hour and she was right. It’s a team game so the family got involved and we fairly quickly learned how to launch the stone and how to scrub like mad to try to get it into the right place (and compensate for the lack of skill in the launch). It was more physical than I had expected, demanding flexibility, balance and the ability to scrub the brush at high speed which got us all out of breath.

Red team, chief point scorer – that was me!

It’s definitely a physical challenge, I’m not sure that maintaining a large area of ice is particularly environmentally friendly but it was only marginally warmer than the freezing temperatures outside. We also walked there and all the kit was hired and reusable. Cost? Hmmmm. This was an expensive one as we couldn’t have done this without an instructor and had to hire the kit. Having the venue to ourselves did feel like a bit of a luxury. You would need to live near an ice rink/venue to access this.

Would I do it again? Yes, it would be great fun to do this again. It works on the basis of 2 teams of 4, so an activity to do with friends/family and is more interactive than 10 pin bowling as you work as a team. And lastly – exhilaration or delight? I definitely got that. Concentration and the effort of physical coordination meant that a state of flow was achieved. Job done for week 8.

Every time I do another challenge I’m wondering how the other weeks are going to compete. The standards are high!


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  1. It’s one of those things that I’ve never done, despite the fact that I used to live down the road from it, but looks very appealing when you see it on TV. Maybe one day. Glad you had fun.

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