week #10 new city

What happens in your head when you visit a completely new location, particularly if you get the opportunity to experience another culture? I’m always excited to go somewhere new because I switch off from day to day worries, becoming totally absorbed in seeing and hearing what’s going on around me. It’s a visual feast to feed your mind and literally open your eyes to alternative ways of being and doing. The principle of flow comes to life and pulls you in.

So for this week’s challenge I was happy to be visiting not only a new city but for me also a new country, Lisbon in Portugal. I wondered whether this counted as a challenge, but decided that new places have so much to offer in terms of revitalising and refreshing that it should count. I admit to knowing little about Portugal, associating it with package holidays, golf courses and grilled sardines, but I was excited to go and it turned out to be a fantastic place. Seeing as this one had to be a quick trip I’m also looking forward to going back to see more another time.

All your senses get involved in a new place. From the scent of the flowers in the markets to tasting delicious seafood and THOSE custard tarts, we made the most of it all.

A blowy walk on a perfect (perfectly huge) beach in the sunshine, whilst laughing and playing, trying to get the perfect photograph of three generations of footprints, brought a very retrievingme flavour to round off the trip.

Scoring? Well a major fail on the fifty shades of green as this involved a flight, we used all forms of public transport around the city (including delightful rattling, retro trams) but that doesn’t get round it really. Do it again? Absolutely. High on the delight factor too.


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