week #11 purple veg

When purple is my favourite colour and purple veg is known to be highly nutritious then it sounds like a retrieving challenge (50in50@50) to grow my own. Coincidentally this week I got free beetroot seeds from my supermarket – it’s a sign! The purple sweet potato got great press when it was shown that the Japanese islanders of Okinawa, who regularly eat it, live some of the longest and healthiest lives on the planet. I’m up for some of that please.

To keep the potatoes and beetroot company I also decided to try purple carrots and chocolate cherry tomatoes. I can’t wait to see these vivid colours. I’m hoping they are going to taste great, as well as give a homegrown boost to my nutrition.

Aside from tasty homegrown food there are numerous benefits to gardening. It’s all there; lowered blood pressure, weight loss, Vitamin D from being outside and stress relief. Growing something that is alive, tending to it and seeing it thrive is a truly optimistic and hopeful action. Therapeutic horticulture is an official ‘thing’ so why not grab a bit for yourself.

You’ll have to bear with me whilst I plant these little seeds and become their carer over the next few months before we see any results. I haven’t seen gardening recommended as an isolation activity whilst we go through this global pandemic but if you have access to your own space or a few outdoor pots then why not take the opportunity to do a little mood boosting.

Perhaps I could have re-used some yoghurt pots for my seedlings, next time I will, this time I treated them to a tray with a lid whilst the temperature is still a bit variable to protect them. This is a reasonably low cost activity but I’ll have to be prepared for a waiting game to experience delight on this challenge. The compost was organic and peat free and after that it’s sunshine and water only, not bad on the 50 shades of green scoring.

I’ll be back to update on how my babies do. I really hope I don’t kill them before harvest time.


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  1. I’ve TOTALLY suckered into growing things. I got into it in exactly the same way (that’s a bit of a freaky coincidence). Mum and dad collected loads of little seed packs from the shopping. I spend hours outside in our tiny garden and get so much out of it (mentally, sadly not in yeild!). Its magical 😀

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