week #12 women in film

I had no clue that my 50 challenges would be tested through a global pandemic, but whilst I’m spending more time at home and looking for ways to stay positive it’s been the ideal time to look for inspirational stories of women told on film. I’m looking out for celebrations of female achievement and empowerment and I didn’t have to look too far.

I’m starting with Erin Brockovich, a favourite film and what an amazing woman. But what is hot off the press? Judy obviously, and that’s enhanced by an Oscar winning performance from Renee Zellweger, so two great female stories in one.

Amelia (2009) is Hilary Swank starring as Amelia Earhart, Aviator and Adventurer, and what could be more inspiring than that being your job title.

Other favourites have been Joy (the miracle mop), Secretariat, Made in Dagenham (equal pay thank you very much ladies), we enjoyed Late Night and to sneak in a box set would go for Big Little Lies (both seasons) which had us rooting so hard for the female characters to come out on top that we were yelling at the screen.

I went through a guide for the best ‘documentary’ type films though and when you look at stories that have been told in film then funnily enough women aren’t that strongly represented. Hmmm interesting to do this mini investigation this week.

My scoring feels a little flat. One of the reasons for watching films this week has been for their escapism value, so my exhilaration and delight criteria have been in rather short supply. Still, there are some fantastic stories here. Share these with the kids, give them great examples for life and enjoy some superb female performances.


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  1. Keep making and eating cakes and hugging the children! The films sound as though you had fun with them and as you say, educational plus role models. More of those please!

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