week #16 foodbank 50

I’m a long term supporter of food banks, usually donating food as part of my weekly shop. So this challenge was on my list prior to the current circumstances. I knew that normally it’s around May that stocks tend to get low and that during the course of last year high demand was already being reported, but events now mean that more children are missing their normal school lunches and more families have money worries. They need our donations more than ever.

My mission was to organise a donation of at least 50 items – with a little help from my friends. To protect social distancing requirements and to keep the mileage down I contacted a small number of my most local friends and asked them to help. Everyone is experiencing some limitations on their access to food, wanting to ensure that they have supplies for their own families and in some cases already kindly shopping for elderly neighbours. Bizarrely after collecting from four lovely friends the amount of items that I had was exactly 50….weird eh.

I took the items directly to the food bank donation point, handed them over and scurried away.

This is a definite do it again activity. They are short of rice pudding. I love rice pudding so it would be special to me to try to track some down and make sure that I can contribute to supplies.

In other news this week the tomatoes I planted from seed last month are growing really well and have left their nursery on the windowsill for a bigger pot. The Parsley is slowly appearing and the beetroot also seems happy if a little spindly. Enjoying seeing my little efforts grow!


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