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I’ve been reading about green cleaning for a while and it’s on my list of 50 challenges in 2020. Like it or not the lockdown situation seems the perfect opportunity to give it a go! Marigolds on and washable ecloths at the ready. I’m seeing how the more environmentally friendly options compare to our usual products. I’m not a big fan of cleaning but with four of us plus dog and cat in the house 24/7 there is definitely a need for it.

So what did I do? First I did a bit of research into what I needed which seemed to be surprisingly little. I ordered 5 litres of white vinegar with lemon (£9.85) and then 3kg of soda crystals (£2/kg). I did shop around a bit for these as the prices vary a lot. I had kept an empty spray top bottle to reuse, so that’s now full and labelled up so that everyone knows it’s vinegar. I also already had the ecloths that work best for this.

I was very sceptical about the “spray it on and leave for a few minutes and then wipe off” but doing this with the neat vinegar worked so well. Look what happened to my hob – honestly barely any elbow grease required at all. Ditto glass shower screen and bathroom taps- all gleaming. In addition the washing machine has had an empty 90c wash with a cup of vinegar to get rid of the slightly musty smell that was building up (I blame the dog towels). The cast iron hob pan rests enjoyed a hot soak with soda crystals and also came up magically free of cooked on gunk with just a wipe over. The shower was also treated to some soda crystals (+boiling water) and is draining better.

As an aside, the other approach I’m taking in these stay at home times is to make cleaning part of my exercise, so returning home from a walk or jog means that I grab the vacuum and do the stairs, or post pilates I’ll give the shower a good scrub whilst I’m in it. I would pick exercising over cleaning any day so this is a way of kidding myself into doing it and feeling virtuous about burning off a few more calories. This is functional fitness folks! The workout gear all goes in the wash when you are done, so doesn’t matter if they get dusty or dirty. Plus when you relax afterwards in your post work out contented glow you also have a cleaner and greener space to enjoy.

This has been a good challenge. I’m yet to try the furniture polish where the vinegar gets together with a drop or two of olive oil and also there are very many mentions of bicarbonate of soda, so still more to test out. This scores pretty well though and I don’t see any reason to go back to what I’ve used before for these tasks. Cost effective, does the job and is environmentally friendly, seems like a win win to me.

I should mention https://www.dri-pak.co.uk/ for their many, very useful tips and recommendations. They don’t sell direct but have supplier links on their site.


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  1. And think of how you’re helping the environment! All those chemicals that go down the drain end up in our water somehow or other. So it really does feel a though you’re helping the planet as the drain gurgles freely.

    Satisfaction = 10 out of 10! Get the soda (and yes bicarb is great if you can find big quantities).

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