week #29 environmental B

Back on with a couple more environmental challenges this week after my first adventure back in week#5. I’ve done a renovation job on our bird feeding table. It was looking a bit sad and apart from being a garden eyesore it didn’t seem to be too popular with the birds. Along with this I’ve been out litter picking and also making use of my local Terracycle contact to send off some items that can’t be recycled in my regular kerbside pick up.

When I got up close to the bird table I found that the whole top section was rotten so it had to go. After a strangely enjoyable demolition job I went to my local hardware superstore and found the wood offcuts section (hunt them out, they are hiding at the back!) which I could buy for just a few pence. I bought wood stain in sample pots – just enough for what I needed – and got to work.

The extra perches on the side were made for Colin the pigeon who was born and lives in our garden. He’s usually around so I hope that my work is up to weight for him to come along and join the feast! I had been thinking that my renovated table needed some really pretty bird feeders but in the spirit of recycling instead made a bird feeder from a plastic bottle.

A local tidy up is so much easier with the long handled pickers, they are not expensive and really worth it. Also handy for reaching under thorny bushes where those beer cans always seems to end up. I have ordered a ring for holding the bag open, not strictly essential but make a big difference to how much you can collect and how quickly too. Some is black bag waste and the rest gets recycled.

Terracycle (www.terracycle.com) take all sorts of packaging and make them into reusable plastic pellets, their UK network, and what items they can take from you, is growing all the time. Even if you just use them for a small number of your regular ‘non recycled’ items, think how much you could save over a year.

This is how many cat food pouches, crisp packets, toothpaste tubes, bread bags (plus one dishwasher tabs bag) I have collected since February…all popped in the Terracycle bins a few minutes away from my house.

Well of course I’ll be doing this again. It’s really satisfying to improve your home environment and I look at this bird table every day through the window, similarly I’ll be doing more recycling and litter picking. The recycling is something that I want to continue working out – how to reduce what comes into the house and how to recycle as much of possible of it on it’s way out.


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  1. A litter picker is a great idea, especially in these Covid ridden times, where those horrid viruses could be lurking in a cozy plastic bottle or bag ready to jump into a more luxurious home, namely you or me. I use silicone gloves but feel terrible as I drop them into the bin along with the other recycling stuff after one use only. On the other hand, no way am I picking up somebody else’s disgusting litter with my bare hands. So a litter picker solves the thorny problem.

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