week #32 canoe

A little messing about on the river is always a great way to spend a warm summer’s day. I’m on holiday and happy to be able to enjoy a change of scene after months of working at home. I went with the whole family, and some lovely friends, to canoe our way down the Wye. Confession: been visiting this area for many years and although I’ve recently taken up swimming in the river I have never canoed down it so paddle in hand off I went.

I really enjoyed this, not too physically taxing but enough to make you feel as though you were doing something and getting to see parts of the river that on foot or passing by car I would never have seen. The river has so much variety in how it’s moving, apparently still in great dark pools followed by clear, babbling mini rapids that we scooted over, scraping over large and small rocks below the surface at times where it was shallow. We passed sand martins swooping to and fro from sand holes in their mini cliff home and the fish nibbled our toes in the water.

Absorbing, interesting, with many soothing moments to just sit back and breathe in my surroundings. I’ll definitely do this again. A lovely low carbon activity, good value and with a little bit of a physical challenge. Ticks in the box all round.


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