week #33 re-use

This week I took up a challenge to buy an outfit from a charity shop. I’m a great donator of items to charity shops but rarely a purchaser. I should also add that I’m not particularly into clothes or shopping so making myself go and buy clothes is always something of a challenge. But if I’m going to reduce/re-use/recycle then I should do as I say and check out second hand clothing (or ‘vintage’ if you prefer).

I visited a Red Cross shop in Hay on Wye where I found brilliantly colour coordinated and carefully organised clothing racks, making it easy to find things I liked. Charity shops in well off areas generally carry better quality stock so it maybe worth a trip. I had been thinking summer dress for our heatwave but found linen shorts and a long sleeved lace top that I really liked. A quick decision was made. They had some great shoes too but not in my size so just the clothing this time.

Also please note that my shoes are about 15 years old!! The other way to reduce the impacts of consumption on the planet is just to hang on to what you have and re-use that.

The Red Cross do many amazing things with their humanitarian support work. I was able to physically visit a shop this time but learned that you can shop online with them too https://www.redcross.org.uk/shop

Definitely a high scoring 50in50@50 activity for 50 shades of green, also by its nature scores well under thrifty@50. Easy to access for most people I think and just a sprinkling of delight to know that I am participating in the world in a positive way. I’ve donated to charity, re-used some items that won’t go to landfill, plus I get a new outfit that I really like.


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