week #34 acupuncture

This week’s challenge was to try acupuncture for the first time. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years for many health issues and I felt like it was something that I should find out more about and experience at least once. I decided to use this technique for stress relief, it has been a demanding few weeks at work with lots of changes going on so a general therapeutic treatment for relaxation/anti anxiety would be a welcome treat.

Like any consultation we started with a general discussion about my health and any concerns, also covering sleep, mental health and exercise.

I’m not squeamish and don’t mind needles but of course there’s going to be some level of trepidation involved in having this treatment for the first time. I wasn’t expecting to feel the needles but in some places I certainly did! Keeping still and relaxed whilst you are in the human pin cushion phase is a good idea. Scratching my nose with a needle in the back of my hand was a slightly unpleasant sensation, but overall I enjoyed it and the practitioner was both kind and professional.

To be completely honest I was expecting to feel a bit tired after this but actually felt nothing initially. I went off on a reasonably energetic walk and had a normal evening. I did sleep very well that night and also slept in a bit longer the next morning so that could have been influenced by the acupuncture. Or it could have been the psychological effects of knowing it was a weekend morning! It’s all a bit hard to tell. I understand that most practitioners will recommend a course of treatments and perhaps I was expecting too much for a one off.

So I wouldn’t rule out a repeat visit should I have suitable issues for treatment in the future, but for this one off I had the feeling that a good massage or facial might have had greater immediate benefits for me personally. Cost was reasonable for an hour with a certified professional and I didn’t have to travel far to attend, so all good on the thrifty50 and 50 shades of green. See my scoring on the 50 scores page.


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