week #35 poledance

I say pole dance, but this challenge was a tough one so perhaps not quite at the ‘dancing’ phase just yet! I was lucky enough to have a 121 for this introductory session and quickly realised that my upper body strength was going to have a steep development curve if I’m ever going to master any of even the basic moves. However, some slow speed spinning and lifts were achieved with both feet off the ground so that felt like progress even just in this first session.

For two days afterwards I had arms with the same feeling as if I had had vaccinations, you get the idea, it was hard work! But, just take a look at anyone performing a few pole moves and I defy you not to be inspired, it’s very cool and everyone has to start somewhere. I was reassured to hear that most people do the beginner sessions for 3-6 months and some never make it completely off the ground but can still get a great workout.

I always think that September is the new year of goal setting and considering any changes that you might be thinking about making, so as part of a review of my exercise plan I’m planning on taking a course of pole lessons and will see how that goes.

So, the “do it again” score is clearly a high one, cost is reasonable as for any exercise class as no special kit is required other than access to a pole studio. Delight factor I suspect will be good because in each class you will either learn a new move or will get better at one you learned before and I think that will be enjoyable and motivating.

As a PS: if you want an awesome demonstration of what a few slick pole moves can look like then watch JLo in Hustlers, yes I know its in a strip club setting but the film is about female empowerment and the skills and strength are undeniable 😉


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