week #36 silks

Another physical challenge this week, I hung out upside down and tried out arial silks for the first time. Two wide strips of fabric hung from the ceiling to use for creating a series of holds and poses and a tough workout along the way! Something really liberating about putting your movement into a fully 3D context and using your own body weight vs gravity to create and hold the moves.

It did help that the studio is a beautiful barn conversion and that the instructor and the rest of the class were kind and helpful. I got little glow when they said to me “I can’t believe its the first time you have done this”. Awwwwww, thanks guys.

I’m signed up for next week, and hope that as the weeks go by I might ache a bit less after.

The cost is similar to any other exercise class, I did have a 25min drive to get to the location but the actual activity requires nothing except the silks and your own increased oxygen consumption so pretty good on the green score. Definite exhilaration, definite do it again and a great example of how trying something new can give you a lift in more ways that one.


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  1. One of the things that I loved about sub-aqua is the abiity to move in 3 dimensions. It is an amazing feeling. Sounds like this is a good non-aquatic equivalent. So another thing I’d love to have a go at!!! What an amazing place as well. Love the photos!

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