week #38 shoot

This week I shot an air rifle. The key achievement seemed to be managing the manual lever system to create the compressed air needed to fire it. That was a full on arm workout. I did enjoy hitting the targets (last night’s beverages) which I suppose is the purpose of these things. Perhaps it would be fun to shoot with others and make a competition out of it. I might do it again but it didn’t really float my boat particularly. I would hate to shoot anything living and I’m also unsure about peppering the countryside with small bits of lead (the pellets).

I find I’m strangely reluctant to post a picture of myself with a rifle in my hands. Even for sport I find the risk I associate with guns and their media imagery something that I don’t want to be linked to. Thank goodness I didn’t shoot myself in the foot, or the dog (who was safely in the house). I had found a place in the UK where you can go and shoot automatic rifles and was considering it as a challenge. I think shooting this basic level one has convinced me that I don’t want to do that!

Delight? Well a little bit, I had a smile on my face when I hit the can. Do it again, maybe. I think target shooting is something I’ll stick to the bow and arrow with, although they scare me a bit too!


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  1. Bullseye. Stick to the bow and arrow! Whenever I have a go, I can’t aim because I shut my eyes against the noise which I can’t stand! And I feel like you about guns. I get so fed up with films on TV all about people with guns killing and wounding each other.

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