week #41 healing

This week’s new thing was to go a 121 session for “healing for energy balancing”. Based on a traditional Korea SunDo system (a form of Taoism) the idea is that the healer seeks to help restore the balance between mind and body through a variety of physical and meditative practices. So I was led through breathing and physical loosening exercises before I got to lie down on a heated mat and had a (fully clothed) massage including to my stomach area. All interesting stuff because I had tense or tender areas, that I wasn’t aware of, that the movements and massage identified.

So far so good. I certainly felt calm and got that pleasant, relaxed and slightly spaced out feeling which I often experience after a massage or even my usual pilates class. What was I expecting from this experience? Relaxation primarily and perhaps to identify areas of physical tension. Also to take away some kind of positive feeling: refreshed or restored. I went in with an open mind.

Slightly unfortunately at the conclusion of the session the practitioner then tried to push me fairly hard into purchasing a course of at least ten 121 sessions which were normally £180 a time but which if I bought all ten today would only be charged at £75 each. The relaxed wellbeing feelings rapidly vanished. I understand people need to make a living and perhaps a course of ten sessions would indeed free up my internal energy and make my life feel easier but clearly at a price! Also it seemed to me that dinging someone for this immediately after putting them into a semi meditative state wasn’t altogether fair. I made a quick exit.

So this is the first challenge where I have been actively disappointed by the experience, although so far, the way that the actual therapy made me feel kind of mirrored my experience with the acupuncture. Nice at the time but I can’t say that I can perceive any real after effects, even if I discount the unfortunate ending. I understand that a course could achieve results but if I compare the after effects with say a good exercise session, a professional sports massage, or lending £40 to a women’s collective in Malawi (week#4 https://wp.me/pbpqSQ-36) then the general after glow isn’t particularly apparent to me.

I wouldn’t discount doing this again but probably not top of the list. I think any activity that causes reflection and review of how you feel physically and mentally has value and I certainly have no regrets about trying out this one in week 41 of my 50 challenges. The weeks are flying by!


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