week #42 jazz club

This was quite a biggie on the 50 Challenges list in my view. Surely everyone should experience a jazz club and where better than one of the most famous of them all, Ronnie Scott’s in London’s Soho. Going out has been tricky this year (stating the obvious) so I was really delighted to be able to book and actually physically go to the venue for this challenge. I had to swap my companion as all of a sudden mixed households weren’t allowed in London and took my daughter who really loved it too. So I hope I’ve made a memory for her as well.

It’s always a pleasure to watch experts at work and the performers didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere was exactly as I had hoped it would be, intimate and personal, you could feel the history of the place surrounded as we were by black and white images of the many famous artists who have appeared on the small stage. I sipped my champagne and pretended I was in another era and got lost in the music. What a treat to disappear temporarily into another world.

I’d love to go back again, see other acts and share the experience with more family and friends. I thought the tickets were good value, pretty good on the thrifty 50 score, especially for a world class venue in the heart of London.

So week #42 was pretty successful!


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  1. A great place to visit – as you say, a tribute to past glories as well as enjoying the present music. Everyone needs to visit Ronnie Scott’s once in their life. So glad you had a good time! We’re envious!!

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