week #43 monitor stand

I had come up with a challenge to build myself a monitor stand. My lovely daughter made me a standing desk that has had a lot of use over the past months as I continue to work from home. I stand in the mornings and generally sit in the afternoon, but looking down at a laptop gives me sore neck and shoulders so I need a monitor stand too to support good posture. I started looking for (simple) designs that I could do, or essentially assemble, and then started to wonder about how to make it a bit more interesting.

A visit to a friends house resulted in a nice piece of off-cut wood that they had spare and parting with £15 at a local charity shop got me some rather pretty glasses that I decided would make good ‘legs’. Not the most practical but this stand is only on my desk and doesn’t need to go anywhere else, so why not use some twinkly glasswear.

Power tools are always fun, and safety first resulted in this outfit. I particularly enjoyed using the Bratz themed children’s glasses as safety specs. They were even purple tinged and colour coordinated with my hat. It’s always good to wear a mask when sanding wood to avoid inhaling the dust – how amazing that I had a mask to hand…who’d have thought!

The other novelty was using a hole cutter attachment for the drill, I now know more about these than I actually wanted to after having some trouble getting it to work properly and bless those You Tube people for being so generous with their careful instructions and information on this topic. I did also have to buy this for the project but they fit a regular drill which I already have. However, I was totally delighted that the hole cutter was exactly the measurement of the top of the glasses to help secure them in place, obviously I’d measured them but the glasses actually fitting seemed to be a bit of luck. Some strong glue holds them into their circular grooves.

So given the this required new tools and that I am insufficiently skilled or patient to achieve any real standard of craftswomanship I was pretty pleased with how it turned out! I have to let the wood dry out fully and then will oil it – but basically it’s done and is fit for service. One really quite pretty, and produced from recycled materials, monitor stand for me to use.

Thrifty, making use of recyled materials and fun, plus I produced something that I like and will use almost daily for work. I did buy a set of 5 glasses so if one breaks I have a spare in case you were wondering…


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  1. That is extraordinary. I guess it’s stable enough and if you don’t move it that much then there’s not too much strain on the glue. I’m impressed with you thinking that one up and it’s a really great challenge! Congratulations!

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