week #45 tarot cards

The strangest thing about having a tarot card reading, where my questions were around career and work, was that the outcomes and comments were so very similar to the careers coach that I consulted in week #30. Two women with empathy and intuition but marketing what they can offer in quite different ways. I found this both interesting and reassuring.

We were remote, talking over Skype and I didn’t see all the spread of cards but was quite happy to get this one, The Star. It signifies sense of meaning, inspiration, or purpose in life and represents making significant changes in your life, transformation and a fresh perspective a journey that will bring greater meaning and purpose. Happily I can also expect to renew my inner energy and who wouldn’t like to do that! The Star also suggests a generous spirit, giving or sharing wealth with others to help transform their lives and for me in a work context that feels highly relevant and interesting.

Reflection and review is something that you can do anywhere at any time and this feels like a lockdown friendly activity. The present isn’t perhaps the most appealing of places right now so taking time to consider and reflect seems like time well spent.

Any 121 with an individual isn’t the cheapest way forward but I found it helpful. The spiritual aspect of this isn’t for everyone but I’m open and might come back to this approach again in future. I suppose I suspect that the career coach is ultimately a more constructive and focused way to handle work issues, but perhaps tarot is something that for other life issues could be an effective means of self-review or to support someone to find a way forward.

In scoring terms then this is definitely green and easy to access. I got a little helping of delight and felt it was reasonable value for money. 45 challenges out of 50 done – so close to the finish line!!


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