week #48 tree festival

An online tree festival sounds so very 2020 I couldn’t resist. This was a Woodland Trust organised event called the Tree Charter Day Festival 2020. There were speakers, debate about the future of our trees and the tree-scape of the UK, works of art and examples of communities raising awareness of the importance of trees in our society. I had tree planting on my list of 50 challenges but it was sadly a pandemic affected activity where my local tree planting events were postponed, that will have to wait until 2021.

Did you know that in the UK you have a Tree Officer? This a local authority employee and they are there to keep you informed about trees in your area: removals, planting and planning. I learned about how trees have an economic value that isn’t often acknowledged, quite separately from how they contribute to an attractive environment. The Woodland Trust are aiming to plant 50 million trees in the next 5 years, the climate fightback starts one tree at a time!

I enjoyed the tree themed artwork and watched an amazing demonstration of arial silks (my week #36 challenge in action! https://retrievingme.co.uk/2020/09/06/week-36-silks/) in a beautiful woodland setting.

I am lucky enough to walk in the woods every day with my dog and often stop to take a picture, which never quite captures just how lovely the trees are. I live just a few minutes away from areas of mixed woodland, where if I pick the right time of day I can have this beautiful natural environment all to myself. I enjoy watching the changing seasons expressed through the trees, hearing the birdsong and sometimes seeing deer. Trees are so precious for our wellbeing and literally of course for the air that we breathe.

So an online tree festival eh?! I saw, I learned and I came away a little bit wiser. I also supported the efforts of The Woodland Trust by buying some forest friendly Christmas cards whilst I was listening 🙂

No doubting this was a 50 shades of green activity and also thrifty@50 as the festival tickets were free. Being able to attend events in person would be great, but also how fantastic to be able to access it online, reaching the widest audience.


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  1. Great idea – save the planet and plant loads more trees!! Wonderful thing to do! My contribution to more trees is growing some lemon pips. They are about 8 cms tall so far. I’m very proud of them!

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