week #49 showstopper

I’ve been watching The Great British Bake Off and as they judge the contestants in each episode on the ‘showstopper’ I thought perhaps I should do the same for my penultimate effort on my #50challenges that I’ve undertaken in 2020. My baking skills aren’t too bad but construction with biscuits and any kind of decorating definitely represents a challenge!

Having (nearly) completed 50 challenges to do things I had never done before then there were many possible themes for the cake, the issue was more about how I could represent them in edible form with the limitations of my ability to make the things I’m thinking about and my (lack of) dexterity with an icing bag!

I planned these challenges in the summer of 2019, having no clue of course how 2020 was going to turn out. I won’t preempt my review of all my challenges here but instead show you the pictures of how this one turned out!

So here we are, all the family making it through 2020 together. The modernist gingerbread house is deconstructed in honour of the disruptions of 2020 and nothing to do with my being unable to make the roof stick on at all. I have a power tool in my hand, the skis got some use, there are some of the 50 books I read, also on display are the purple carrots and the sourdough loaves made from scratch. Cuddling the cat and walking the dog kept us all sane (apologies to the dog who didn’t actually make it on the scene). Axe throwing in January now seems like something from another era. Not sure who that is wondering where the chimney is…

The base is a carrot cake, all cinnamon and spice for winter flavours. I semi destroyed the kitchen with a huge mess and all the different elements took me time over three days to make, I pay tribute to the Bake Off bakers who rustle up far superior efforts in a mere 4 hours.

Now we look forward to Christmas together and preparations are all a little bit early this year as we hurry to get the lights up and lift the gloom of winter. Some of us think that some real snow falling would be the icing on the cake, at least it wouldn’t disrupt any commuting this time 🙂

I am not a cake decorator but it was a lot of fun putting, or trying to put, these different elements together. I thought the axes and the books were particularly cute!

Scoring this one? Modest cost, easy to access (not the same as easy to do) and was fun. If I had time I might do this again but not for a while thanks!


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