Well hello 2021 and a chance to put a retrievingme philosophy, to be a lifelong learner, into action with a commitment to a formal Counselling course. I’ve started a Level 2 Introduction to Counselling this week and opened up the Zoom call to meet my 9 classmates and tutor with some trepidation, its a while since I’ve been in a classroom situation.

I made it through the first session, found out some things that I don’t know (and will be learning about) and I’ve also completed my first homework which was 400 words on identifying my motivation to help others. Now there’s a question for a citizen of our world.

I have been thinking about counselling training for a long time, actually years. As I have 20+ years of experience in HR I have supported staff with just about every big life issue: divorce, death, birth, still birth, serious illness (their own or a family member), mental health issues, and even an individual coming to terms with the murder of a spouse.  In addition to these I’ve also been closely involved in work issues such as promotions, redundancy, relocations, bullying and grievances all of which can be intense experiences for individuals.  I know that I can help others and I’d like to get better at it.

January is a good time to be able to make a start on new learning, it helps me to feel there is a positive year ahead even as I begin it all in yet another phase of pandemic lockdown.

Life long learning is a retrievingme philosophy because aside from the proven benefits of keeping your brain challenged as you get older there are also other reasons to keep learning. You make yourself adaptable, able to push your comfort zones and can help to protect your employability in a fast changing world. What’s also really great about whatever you choose to do is that it’s a confidence boost, that tells you ‘hey I did that’.

Its a 10 week course. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted.


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