When discovered that my 50th birthday falls exactly 50 weeks after 1st January 2020 and this seemed like an opportunity that was begging to be taken up.   Why not do the 50 new things in 50 weeks before I turn 50.  I can arrive at my 50th birthday feeling like I can do anything!

My 40’s have been a lot about family, work and some pretty dull and sometimes demanding life details (bereavements, teenagers, family health, work stresses) and I’ve been feeling a bit stale.

Almost any information about wellbeing will tell you that being in the present, connecting with others and importantly for the 50in50 doing something for yourself are all right up there on the mental well being checklist of GOOD THINGS TO DO!

So on Monday 10th June 2019 at the age of 48 and a half I sat down to start developing a list of how I was going to reinvigorate, challenge and retrieve myself to being me after I turned 50. I thought of my challenge ideas really fast and quickly realised that 50 is a lot, so I would need some rules and structure to manage the whole challenge.

rules and philosophy

To do 50 things that I have never done before in the 50 weeks before I turn 50, starting 0n Wednesday 1st January 2020 with activity #1.  

To challenge myself, reinvigorate and retrieve who I am. I’m very hopeful that I will keep some of these activities going beyond my 50 and for the future.  Either way I should have had a lot of fun along the way.

Important to note is that this is not about becoming my “better” self or to preach about that to others, but is a log of my experiment with expanding my horizons and retrieving me.  If you want to read about ‘you should….’ Then there are many other sites to choose from!

  • I reserve the right to do something that I have done before but that goes beyond, or is in a different context, e.g. I have driven a tractor but never ploughed a field
  • Activities will generally be a one off rather than cumulative commitments, I can’t take up 50 different night classes
  • To keep costs low
  • Any kit accumulated during the 50 weeks can be sold or Freecycled at the end of the challenge with any proceeds going to charity 
  • I’m doing this alongside the day job, just so you know
  • I’m aiming to post each weekend about my latest activity
  • To rate and score each activity
  • At the end of the 50 I will produce a top table list with reasons why

On my 49th birthday I did a little self-audit. I’ll share that with you after the 50in50@50 is done and we’ll see how it all went. Super excited!

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