50 scores

I want to score my 50 new challenges and I’m already wondering which challenge really hits the spot? I need to remember them all, how did it feel to do each one and to log any lasting impacts. At the end of the challenge I will be able use the scoring to help me decide which ones are the keepers, or activities to return to. You can keep an eye on them and perhaps I can be your challenge guinea pig, I’ll be testing them out for you – you’re welcome.

The other point of scoring is that it forces me to decide what I really value out of pursuing these these experiences and this critical category I have labelled “Exhilaration or Delight”. Two verrrry good reasons to do anything.

The next rating is “Do this again?” which again seems to be pretty important, whilst recognising that there could be activities that create delight but that for whatever reason I don’t feel are ones to do again.

Then we get into the more practical areas of “Easy Access”, the “50 Shades of Green” for an environmental impact score and lastly a “Thrifty@50” score for cost and value for money. One thing better than a fabulous experience and that’s a free, environmentally friendly fabulous experience right?

Of course a few headings may not give the full picture so my weekly report will give more detail. I am also greedily hoping for some happiness, feel good, positive feedback (from others), confidence boosts or perhaps to also come across some surprises in activities that turn out to be the most sociable, the absolutely unmissable or the ‘totally not how I expected it’.

I’m so excited to think that by December 2020 I’m going to have a handful of things at the top of the table that I have brought me buckets of delight and that I can choose whether or not to pursue. I may at this point feel retrieved, which I’m obviously optimistic about, but only time will tell.

exhilaration /delightdo this againeasy access50 shades of greenthrifty@50
#1 get online3931434734
#2 axe throwing4338284636
#3 cousins @1004846453823
#4 micro lending5050465034
#5 week A environment4344425040
#6 blow torch4137433338
#7 musical horizons3744484842
#8 curling4540162413
#9 sourdough3835464548
#10 new city4750230819
#11 purple vegTBC!TBC434542
#12 women in film3850454545
#13 activism4150475048
#14 insect protein1237414636
#15 national dish4248434546
#16 foodbank4148384640
#17 lifelong learner4147505035
#18 clean green3648445041
#19 1st time4345505048
#20 choux choux3224364344
#21 scrubs275263940
#22 declutter3546495045
#23 foraging3942404843
#24 publish4043474850
#25 dawdling4850465050
#26 handstands4650505050
#27 archery4750414838
#28 plantfood4250503841
#29 Env B4146505048
#30 horse archery5046334419
#31 career coach4448414832
#32 canoe4640384539
#33 re-use4248475050
#34 acupuncture3225364838
and the winner is…
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