about me

You’ll get to know me as a retriever, the person doing the challenge of 50in50@50 to see where it leads me and if it makes me a bit more me. In the meantime I’d like to introduce myself here.


I work in a professional services organisation in London and other locations. I lead a small team who do good things. I enjoy the mental challenges and the structure of working life. Since having children I have tried many working arrangements, so if anyone wants to chat about that…


Life is home with one husband, two daughters, a cocker spaniel and a cat. I am a Pilates addict and adhoc gym user. I maintain that home is wherever my favourite people are and its our base for relaxing, eating and laughing together. Dancing in the kitchen is frequent.

I like…

As you will see I’m happy when I’m outdoors anywhere doing activities, baking to music or chatting with my family. I’m curious about most things and love reading. I’m an active member of Amnesty International, and am interested in women’s equality and the environment.

Also, I don’t drink coffee but pass me a large cup of tea and piece of dark chocolate and I’ll be extremely happy.

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