glossary philosophy

Retrieving – To get back, recover, regain possession of, to get or bring something back from somewhere, to find again

Retrievable – Things that are stored and can be brought back

A Retriever – Someone who for whatever reasons has slightly lost themselves in amongst the demands of life and is up for the challenge of getting back to being a bit more “me” again

Flow – Why thank you to the awesomely named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi for articulating this little gem.  Flow is when you are in the moment, completely absorbed and enjoying yourself, and everything else fades away.  It underpins the essence of retrieving, what gives you the little buzz of flow?

Tough love – In case you hadn’t worked it out then humans weren’t built to be happy all the time.  On the plus side that is one of the side effects of actually caring about each other.  Retrievers know this and are working with it.

Perspective – If you have shelter, food, friends and/or family who are mostly healthy then congratulations you are in the lucky section as far the population of the world goes.  Hold that thought.

Meh – A feeling of indifference, probably a bit gloomy.

Retrieved – Found and brought back.

Butterflies – a traditional symbol of change so few will be lurking about on the site

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