week #8 curling

I’m on ice this week and testing out a physical challenge to try curling for the first time. It’s a sport that’s been on my list for some time. I’m a winter sports fan so visit locations where curling is available, but before setting myself 50 challenges I hadn’t made the effort to go. I’ve…

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week #7 musical horizons

I listen to a lot of music and I think I have broad tastes but…where does that music come from? Almost exclusively Europe and North America. Time to look over the horizon and find out what else is out there. The joy of the internet is that I can instantly track down recommendations for international…

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week #6 blow torch

Using a blow torch in the kitchen always looked like a pretty cool thing to do to me, the instant transformation of food, the involvement of a lot of sugar and the opportunity to play with fire. What’s not to like. Not sure how tricky this was going to be to get a good result…

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week #5 environmental A

This week’s challenge is about trying to reduce my environmental impacts. I already do my best with our recycling but get frustrated about how much can’t be recycled, so can I reduce the packaging that we have coming into the house? I’m also looking into my garden to make it more wildlife friendly. It’s week…

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week #4 micro-lending

Time to calm things down a little after the excitement of the axe wielding and long lunches for 23. I read about micro-lending a while ago and was keen to give it a go. As you might expect it means lending small amounts of money. Or at least small to me but with big implications…

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week #3 cousins@100

When was your last family gathering? I have 9 first cousins and also 5 brothers and sisters who all range in age from 24 to 51. With that age gap and also due also to location, I haven’t always seen that much of them over the years. I thought that the new year would be…

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You can't always get what you want,

But if you try sometimes

Well you might find

You get what you need.

The Rolling Stones

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week #2 axe throwing

It came as a bit of a surprise to me that axe throwing was a thing that you could turn up and do, a bit like a bowling alley but with very sharp objects. Once I saw it though I was in no doubt that this had a be a 50 challenge. Different, exhilarating and…

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week #1 – get online

Of all the challenges that I have thought up that this is one of the ones that intimidates me the most. Terrifying!! I have never made it much further than Facebook. I have some reservations about social media, one of the key ones being ‘who has time to look at all this stuff?’ and another…

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I did that!

If you are thinking about new adventures or activities it’s definitely interesting to reflect on previous experiences and to consider revisiting them.  I recommend focusing on the legal ones.  I was made to sing in the school choir (on the basis of headcount and not any talent) but suspect that voluntary participation as an adult might be…

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